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Pastor Adeboye is a man of God who has been a tremendous blessing and inspiration to numerous people and drawn lost souls to salvation by the grace of God.

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Your life is short compared to eternity

What is your life? It is like a vapor or a mist, that appears for a little time, then vanishes away.

As we were watching the fireworks around the Fourth of July, I was impressed by the beauty of the starbursts from the many aerial displays, but I thought of how like our lives each of these is. When each individual firework is lit and shot into the air, from many of them there is a beautiful starburst that dazzles the eye for one split second, and then disappears from sight. It then falls to the earth as a useless spent cartridge.

Although many people die in obscurity, there are some who rise to fame and fortune and dazzle the eyes of the world for a split second, and then they are gone. Some may be remembered with love, admiration and respect; some may be remembered with anger, hatred and bitterness; and some may not be remembered at all.

Nevertheless, their lifetime on this earth, when compared to eternity, is but a split second. Everything in this life has limits. We cannot imagine anything that is unlimited. None of us can comprehend the outer limits of space, nor can we fully grasp the fact that God, himself, is unlimited. We are finite (limited), but he is infinite (unlimited). He has revealed to us in Scripture that he is not limited by space, time, nor in power. It required an infinite God to create the heavens and the earth. Every god that is invented by the mind of man is finite, as man could never have imagined an infinite God without the revelation of himself to us through the Holy Scriptures.

Unlike this life, eternity has no limits. It is forever, and the Bible teaches that every individual who lives on earth will live eternally in one of two places. One is called heaven and the other is called hell.

Heaven is a place where there will be no sin, no pain, no suffering and no death. It is the place where God will reign supreme, and all who have been redeemed by the blood of Christ will live in perfect harmony with him forever.

Hell, on the other hand, is a place where those who are there will be eternally separated from God. This is because they have rejected the gift of God that is eternal life through Jesus Christ the Lord. In hell there will be no light, no love and no joy because God is the source of all of these, and he won’t be there.

You may feel that in this life you have been given a raw deal. It is true that life is not fair. You may have been born into a dysfunctional family, and you may have developed a distrust for people of the opposite sex, and are attracted to people of your own sex. You may feel trapped in an unhappy marriage and are being tempted to have an adulterous affair.

Let me remind you that this life is very short when compared to eternity. The decisions made in this life will affect you for eternity. I would encourage you to give your heart to God, and live your life to please him. If you do that, you will be grateful for millions of years.


article by Rev. Marvin Valdois