The General Overseer (G.O) of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) is Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye.


Pastor Adeboye is a man of God who has been a tremendous blessing and inspiration to numerous people and drawn lost souls to salvation by the grace of God.

139 Devon Road, Unit 7, Brampton, ON Canada
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He Came to Seek the Lost

While on earth, Jesus demonstrated the nature and character of God to man (John 14:8-11).There was no one who came in contact with Him that did not testify of His goodness. Why was this always the case? It is because Jesus knew the purpose of His coming to earth. When the purpose of a thing is not known, abuse is inevitable. Because Jesus knew why He was here, He never wasted any opportunity. He was so committed to the business of seeking the lost that He even became the guest of sinners. There is so much potential being wasted today, because very few people are committed to the business of wining souls; whereas this is the global mandate given to every believer by the Lord. There is no one in Jesus’ cabinet that is useless. Before He came into their lives, they might have been ordinary men, but after they became citizens of His kingdom, they became valuable instruments in the hands of God.

Anyone could be lost, irrespective of their position, titles or academic achievement. Even if you are a renowned professor, as long as you do not have Jesus in your heart, you are lost. There is no one who Jesus cannot receive. He is waiting earnestly for everyone to come to Him. In our Bible reading today, a chief sinner came to Jesus, and he got his salvation. This is the beauty of salvation: all you need to do is come to Jesus and receive Him as your Lord and Saviour. Salvation is for all. No matter how terrible you have been, just try Jesus, and He will make sense out of your life. He will not only receive you to Himself, He will polish away your rough ends to the point where you become a testimony to the entire world. All you need to do is make straight your crooked ways. Even if you have backslidden, He is waiting to accept you back by His love. To be lost in sin is a terrible thing. Sin has wages, and the wages of sin is death. It is sin that produces sickness, affliction, bondage and distress; but the moment you are found by the Lord through salvation, you begin to enjoy good health, abundant life and the peace of God, and live a holy life that counts to His glory. When you allow yourself to be found by the Lord, you can be assured that in your salvation lies your breakthroughs and victory. I was formerly lost, but when Jesus came into my life, everything changed. This can be your testimony too. Your past will no longer matter to God; He will only use it as a testimony of His faithfulness.


Pastor E.A. Adeboye